Most insane Chest workout for men| Get bigger and stronger chest



Talking about chest, It is one of the big muscles ( with backs, glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings). And as a man, it is crucial for every person who is aiming to have that attractive looking body that impresses the girls. The aim of working on your chest to get a bigger and stronger chest.

insane chest workout for men
insane chest workout for men

For getting bigger and stronger chest you have a different set of principles to be followed. They are presented below:-

  • Initiate with heavy multijoint movements like barbell bench press, flat bench dumbbell press, Low-incline Barbell Bench Press, Machine Decline press, Seated machine chest press, and so on. 
  • Hit those muscle from different angles so that each muscle fibers are pumped. 
  • Your workout volume must always be high like what you do with legs. 

Certainly, peoples are very attracted to the 3-days split in which they train their chest on the push day (mostly the second working day of a week) with other smaller push muscles i.e. shoulder and tricep. This routine is undoubtedly a perfect routine.

 If you are into that Routine then I recommend You to do this workout at the starting of the push day by decreasing one or two sets as you want. It is because in this routine you also have to work your shoulders and triceps later on so you will need to save some energy for the work later on.

And for those peoples who have a different chest day, you can do the whole workout with the same volume as given.

With the aim to get the bigger and stronger chest, we have brought to you, a proper set of workout which you could execute on a regular basis on the routine.
Workout Summary:- 
Level:- Intermediate 
Intensity:- High( not for Push-Pull split routine)
Duration:- 1 hour and 10 minutes
Target muscle:- Chest
Weight:- Must be intensive for you. It should allow you to reach muscle failure by targeted rep count. 


  • In this one, Increase the weight as the set increases. So don’t lift your maximum in the first set. 
  • If possible, have someone to spot you and do some forced reps of each exercise on its heaviest set which is the final set of the exercises. 
  • You can take rest of up to 90 seconds on each exercise transition. 

Remember, this is gonna get intense.


  1. Barbell Bench press:- Sets = 4 and Reps=8-12
  2. Dumbbell fly (Flat bench):- Sets = 4. Reps = 8-12
  3. Barbell incline Bench-Press:- Set = 4  Reps = 8-10
  4. Peck Deck :- Sets=6  Reps= 12
  5. Decline Dumbbell Bench press:- Sets=3 Reps=10-15
  6. Decline Dumbbell fly:- Sets=4 Reps=8-12
  7. Flat bench Dumbbell press:- Sets=4 Reps=10
  8. Dumbbell Pull-Overs:- Sets=3. Reps=12

There are many bodybuilders like  Lou Ferrigno, Lee Haney, Bertil Fox, Markus Ruhl, Ronnie Coleman(8 times Mr.Olympia), Gary Strydom and Franco Columbo who are known for having such memorable chest.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

But legendary talks on the chest would never make if we don’t talk about the seven-times Mr.Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is the leader of the tribe when we talk about having strong and big chests.