How to train your Biceps and Forearms? Here’s a list of top 3 workouts


In this article, I present you three movement /exercises you should put on your workout to build biceps and forearms. 

You need to understand something that everytime you are holding something, whether it is dumbbell or a bar, your forearms are getting worked. And anytime your biceps are working, your forearms are working as well. So, you should focus on spending more time working on your biceps then your forearms. 
Note:- after every sets you can take rest of 2 minutes. 

3 Best Workouts For Biceps And Shoulders

1. Incline dumbbell chest pressSets:- 3Reps:-12-15

inclined dumbbell chest press, biceps and forearm workout
inclined dumbbell chest press, biceps and forearm workout

The first movement we are gonna do is a incline dumbbell chest press. What you wanna do is, incline your bench to 45 degree. And from this position, you wanna let your arms swing back. Now, whatever position they land in. You are gonna hold that position right at that shoulder joint. Now, take 1 seconds to curl those dumbbells up(keeping the palms up). Take 3 seconds to lower the weight (always keeping the palms faced up). As soon you get to starting position, curl back again.
We get huge advantage of doing this exercise. Because when you extend down you get a stretch on the long head of the biceps muscle that crosses over the shoulders joint but from the standing position the muscle is slack. It is not really involved. So doing incline curls is very beneficial for building those biceps.

biceps and forearm workout,hammer curl
biceps and forearm workout,hammer curl

Second moment  we are gonna do is  hammer curl. To do it,  stand-up and put the palm face together and curl keeping the palms together the whole time. Then lower the hands and repeat the movement.
So, changing the position at the wrist changes the area of the muscle we are trynna work. This is gonna focus more to the brachiales (which is kind of lateral muscle of the bicep which crosses over forearms joint). 

3. Zapmen CurlsSets:- 3Reps:-8-12 *(Dropset:- as much reps as you can)

zapmen curls, biceps and forearm workout
zapmen curls, biceps and forearm workout

The third and final movement is what we call the ZapMen curls. What you gotta do is curl your hands up and rotate at the up so that palms are facing down and lower your hands. This is gonna challenge those forearms muscles.

So these are three quick movements which help you work your biceps and shoulders. We are gonna start with the incline dumbbell chest press, then hammer curls and finish off with the Zapmen Curls.