Best Chest Workout Routine


When you think of fitness modeling or muscle modeling, the first visual is the chest. Guyz and girls no for modeling, even for any normal bodybuilder it is very important to work on chests and then you can aim for having broad shoulders.

Cable Flies with Aggression
Cable Flies with Aggression

Hey guys, My name is A J Ellison. I am Three times WBFF world champion.
Today we are doing chest workout. It’s10 sets of Fifteen (15) reason flat bench.
5 sets of 15 reps that’s incline dumbbells. And finish off with 5 sets of 15 on cable flys.  It’s a high volume workout to pump more blood on those chests. It helps you get nice and massive chest and have massive pumps. This is a tough-tough workout, mentally and physically.

1. Flat bench press
SETS:- 2+8
REPS:- 15

So, the first movement/exercise, we are gonna start with tough 10 sets of 15 reps. Two of the sets are gonna work as warmups and 8 of them for a workout.
Direct Ten sets of Fifteen is definitely not a common thing. For legs, maybe but for chests not so much. A lot of people ask me (A J Ellison) that How I get such a good chest? How is it too big?. There you go, this workout is the reason.
If you feel hard to complete any set then you can take a rest of 10 seconds And also Drom some weights(optional).
“Train your chest like you train your legs (in high numbers). Then you get big chests. “

SETS:- 5
REPS:- 12

We are still sticking to the higher rep-range of 12. Again, the idea is to put as much blood at the chest as you can.
So, by this time your chests gotta be caused. It should absolutely be isolated, That’s what we are going for.

3. Cable flys
SETS:- 5
REPS:- 15

Now we move on to cable flies as the finishing exercise. Again higher volume, focus on the squeeze on every rep. If you made up to this point of the workout, your body adapts to what you have put through. You have put through stress, your muscles freak out but they wanna handle the workload So,  every single time you are gonna come up stronger and stronger.

Even in my case, The first time I performed this workout, I was absolutely pissed off. But by the fifth or sixth time I worked this, I was being able to push through this and start feeling it easier. It is a normal workout for me now.
With no doubt, chest is my strongest body part, definitely one of my dominant body parts.

Remember the chest workout is hard. It all depends on you and your dedication.
So guyz if you liked this workout, you can check out another workout of mine.